Friday, February 6, 2009

Writing the position paper: I think I’m screwed

I have started writing the position paper, and have finished writing it actually. I have started writing it right after Mr. Omit approved my thesis statement. But to start writing was not as easy as I thought it would be, even though I have all the necessary arguments. It took me about three hours just to come up with the introduction, and I needed two hours to write each subsequent paragraphs. I guess that is why they called it a “position paper” and not just some essay. However, I enjoyed writing it. Probably because it made me think critically for my stand was of my own, not something lifted from the world wide web. I have a problem though, I only have four arguments to justify stand. Friends said that Mr. Omit asks us to provide 4 to 5 points, which means mine is sufficient enough, but I remembered clearly that Dr. Edwin mentioned 5. The poem that I’m writing on has 4 stanzas, so that makes the 4 points. And if Dr. Edwin’s instruction overrules Mr. Omit’s (which obviously will be), that means I’m so screwed. My backup plan? A paragraph for a counter-argument. The problem? Neither Mr. Omit nor Dr. Edwin mentioned about writing counter-arguments. I’m so screwed.

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