Friday, February 20, 2009

Road to Confusion

Bahira came to class with a DVD in hand. “Dr. Edwin wants us to watch this,” she said. “He wants us to observe the teacher in the story and his teaching method,” she continued. Or I think she said that. Well anyway, we just have to pay close attention to the teacher and anything to do about teaching. The title of the movie is Road Home, and Jessie squealed in familiarity. “It’s about a teacher teaching in a rustic village, whereby the teacher just continued her lesson even though she has only one student attending,” she claimed.

So we sat down and watch the movie and waited for the dedicated teacher in the movie to inspire us. And waited. Anytime soon we thought, probably during the flashback. Probably when the silly girl stops being silly. Probably when the girl finally gets the teacher. Probably when…wait, flashback’s over, and the story ends with the narrator teaching at his father’s school. Jessie said it might be the wrong movie, but same director.

There was barely anything about any teaching methods – only the part where the teacher walks along the road with his student memorizing lines out loud, as in a drill. The story is mainly about a silly little girl who is infatuated with a Neanderthal-ish teacher with really bad hair and how she stupidly brought agony on to herself (I know I’m being too critical of her, but I really hated her needy, stalker -like character). We were confused. If Dr. Edwin meant this as a prank for us, then he is an absolute genius.

Dr. Edwin said we probably read the movie wrong. Maybe we did. He is yet to explain this nasty joke to us.

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