Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a trampoline

Next year, I will be starting my life as a teacher. It’s hard to perceive myself as a teacher, as I have never thought of becoming one. Well of course, I want to be a good teacher. But what makes a good teacher? I think a fun and inspiring one is. So, I want students to have fun learning. I want students to dream big and go for it. I want to inspire them to reach for the sky. But if ever they fall, I want to be there to catch them and start over.

That would make me…a trampoline. Yes, I see myself as a trampoline for my students.

Trampolines are fun. I want my students to have fun learning in my class, take learning as a fun experience. When they enjoy a lesson, it automatically sticks in their head.

Trampolines enable you to jump higher than you normally could. I want that for my students. I want to help them to jump higher and touch the sky. I want to inspire them to dream big, and work hard to reach it.

And finally, trampolines are always there to fall on. I want to always be there for them. Their aims and goals may not be able to be realized, so I can be their safety net. Once they have taken the fall, I will encourage them to try again. They will learn to jump high again.

The question is, am I capable to be their trampoline?

I'm learning.

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