Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is it worth it at all?

Nelson Mandela. He rose above prison, torture and inequality. He rose above it all. And it was worth every damn second of his life.

Sometimes I wonder, how was he able to do it? He found a bigger cause than he is, and he fought through it. He put his life on hold for 30 years in prison for his people. But it was worth it; he won the battle and became president. But what if he never got elected as president, would it have been worth while anyway?

He is probably one of the strongest-willed men in history, I guess. Imagine, the psychological torture that he had to go through to break his spirit, to push his sanity and to just stop fighting the ‘power’. Dr. Edwin said it is almost similar in the ISA, where psychological torture is inflicted to a ‘rebellion’ to break his or her spirit. Imagine all the life you know and just being wiped out, just because your belief doesn’t coincide with the ‘right’ one. Imagine all your photos, memorabilia , personal documents burnt down to the grown to put out your fiery passion of what you believe in. Is it worth it all? For an extraordinary man like Mandela, it probably is.

Only the gifted like Mandela thinks it is worth it.

But how about us mere humans? Are we able to ever, ever fight for a cause that might put our lives and other people’s lives at risk?

Sometimes I think being dead is better than turning into a person who has lost everything, especially his or her memories; because he or she is good as dead.
So how about dying for a cause, is it worth it all?

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