Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a wrap!

The semester's finally over. It's time to wrap things up.

Fact: I like this reading and project subject with Dr. Edwin. The main reason is because it is examination-less, so there were no pressure. It was just fun learning for knowledge, without having that dread that I have to memorize this and that; that will in the end become something meaningless. If only ALL subjects were like this, I'd have a blast.

Anyway, to compensate with the exam-lessness, we have major courseworks to be done,and the most important one is the final project research paper. I had fun doing it and my supervisor wasn't a pain the you-know-where like I thought he would be. He was pretty lenient about things, and we just have to follow HIS way of writing. My paper is on the effects of war on soldiers, so I had to do research about trench war and combat stress reaction and stuff like that. I actually went to the main library to find resources. I am proud of myself. And since my texts are poems by Wilfred Owen (duh), I got to read more about him, like the fact that he died one week before war ended at the age of 25. That was really sad.

So yeah, I learned a lot in this course and I enjoyed it. Doing all those courseworks made me learn actual things, not like those compulsary university subjects where the courseworks are meaningless plagirism. I did not just say the 'p' word, did I? I'm just being blunt.


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  4. I studied modern warfare once, it was quite interesting. Enjoy your course.:))