Friday, January 9, 2009

The FIRST meeting with the Tutor

First day of tutorial class.

A decent, yet monotonous Iranian tutor.

He gave us ideas about what a thesis statement is, what a thesis statement is not. He told us to come up with thesis statements about our university and ourselves. Because I was too worried that my thesis statements would get rejected, I'd rather not share it. Now I'm not so sure if I will get it right or wrong. Mental note to self - voice out ideas eventhough it may make you look like an idiot, else you're an idiot anyhow.

I have actually thought of a thesis statement, more like I thought of the text I wanted to do. I wanted to do something on Of Mice and Men 'coz I love the story. However, I have to scrap that thought as the tutor will give us texts to choose. It may suck, it may not.

Looking forward the texts now. Crossing my fingers Of Mice and Men is one of them.

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